Simple Comics That People Relate To Simply

RelateableDoodles is a 20-year old individual, self described as a “potato loving comic artist”. She’s an incredibly talented creator who has the most adorable art style and the cleverest ideas this side of the internet.

Collected here is a list of drawings she published publicly on her instagram!

If these don’t make you go “omg that’s so me”, then you might need to look again, my friend.

#1 “I’ll study at seven”

Oh, no, it’s too late. I missed my chance. Better try again in hour. Been there, done that. Anyone who has a bad habit of procrastinating (most of us) is guilty of this.

#2 Rain and sun makes rainbow

This is just too cute. She thinks he carries the sun with him because of how bright he makes her life, and with him, everything is rainbows. That is just adorable.

#3 The awkward greeting



Haven’t you ever thought that someone was waving at you, you didn’t recognise them but because you didn’t want to look mean, you waved back… Only to find out they were gesturing to the person behind you instead?

#4 When things are going a little too well…


It was merely a tactical retreat so they could attack you when you least expected it. Those goddamn evil potatoes.

#5 The “I’m fine”.

Ah, the weird mix of anxiety and insecurity. Worry about everything, but fear the judgement of other people too much to tell them.

#6 Thinking about the universe

You need to sleep. You have somewhere to be tomorrow. And yet, all you can think about is whether the universe is just a tiny sub-atomic particle of atoms that you, yourself are created of AND YOU CAN’T SLEEP BECAUSE YOUR MIND IS BLOWN.

#7 The silence after you tell a joke

Nope, never speaking again. Gonna go find the nearest cliff and jump right off.

#8 The brain-fart

“Hi, how are you?”,
“I’m good, how are you?”
“I’m fine, what about you?”
Error 404: Intelligence Not Found

#9 The suffering

One minute before the alarm goes off. Why? Now you have to get up to turn it off, whereas you could have woken up at your leisure. You didn’t even have to set the alarm at all.

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