Drake Collecting Birkin Bags For His Future Wife Is The Drakest Thing You’ll See

Love’s not dead after all.

Now, this pill might be hard to swallow. Who really believes in true love anymore? Most people cheat on their significant other even though they were “love of their life”.

How does a story on the internet change your mind about something so serious? Well, the answer is simple. It’s because of Drake. Let me elaborate, in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter he admitted that he collects birkin bags for the woman who will one day be his wife.

No, we’re not making this up.

I’m a fan of Hermès Birkins. You know, there’s very few things in this world, tangible things anyway, that hold their value and sort of appreciate as the years go on.

So, it was one of those things that I started collecting as well for the woman I end up with one day. So I have a fairly vast collection of Hermès to offer somebody at some point in life.

We might be shocked, but his fans knew he’d do something that endearing.


His future wife is going to be a very lucky lady as the collection of Birkin bags are going to be a small gesture, compared to everything else he’ll probably do.

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