10+ Surreal Illustrations That Depict The Horrible Truth About The Downfall Of Modern Society

There is no doubt about the fact that modern society is leading to a downfall.

There is just so much wrong going on in the world. No, I’m not being negative. We need to address these issues so we can create a better world for ourselves.

Sometimes, a picture can say a thousand words. And what better way to make someone understand than illustrating it to them? Here are some illustrations that depict the horrible truth about the downfall of modern society:


#1 People help the poor just to show off.

#2 Waiting for new life to see dark days.

#3 We’re making unnecessary buildings and ruining natural habitats.

#4 Where is the love?

#5 You won’t run out of time if you spend it with love.

#6 One kind of death to another.

#7 Our phones are all we see.

#8 No value of love. It’s all about money.

#9 Kids aren’t even interested in real playful activities anymore.

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