This Woman Ordered a Doormat From Amazon But Ended Up With THIS Instead

Amazon is a huge marketplace and has a humongous range of products to choose from. Sometimes the range of choices is somewhat confusing but here is when the Amazon community ratings and reviews come in handy. People make research, dig the reviews and choose the best fit for their needs. However no matter how much careful one is one can not always get what he or she ordered. The products are not always as good as per their descriptions or as per the raving reviews. And sometimes the results of online shopping leave you speechless. Not because they were awesome but because they were not even close to what you ordered.

Recently an Amazon shopper Emily, who is also a comedian, had such an awestruck shopping experience and she took it to Twitter as it was both speechless and hilarious.

Let’s take a look at Emily’s buyer journey! 🙂

Emily decided to order two door mats from Amazon of the following description and reviews.


The delivery was not promising: She received two photographs of door mats glued to pieces of foam.

Becoming aware of the fact that she was now a “proud” owner of two photographs of door mats, she decided to get a refund from the seller. She contacted the seller with the issue and got the following reply.

She was overwhelmed by the stupid answer by the door mat company that she decided to take the matter to Twitter.  Her post has since been retweeted over 12,700 times.

Some people, of course, accused her of not being a vigilant buyer. Emily insisted that she had done her research and the reviews were mostly positive.

It turned out that her order was the only one that screwed up, even the one-star review people had go the actual product. 

Well, this frustrating buyer’s journey had, at last, a happy ending. 

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