This Bride Used Donuts Instead Of Flowers For Her Wedding And It’s Iconic AF

Brides Ought To Be More Fun.

No one wants a lame, boring wedding. It’s a celebration, after all! So one bride decided to try something else.

You see, she wanted some more sweetness in her wedding. And what’s sweeter than doughnuts? They smell way better than flowers too.

So how about a doughnut bouquet instead of a flower bouqet?

Via Dessert Boxes

Love Is Sweet And Fattening.

Via Dessert Boxes

The Doughnut Bouquet Was Actually Provided By A Company Named Dessert Boxes, Because She Had Won A Competition Earlier This Year.

When we spoke to Paige, we knew she was our winner. She was so fun and light-hearted, and we knew she’d rock the bouquets as she walked down the aisle.


The Bride-To-Be Didn’t Tell Her Bridesmaids About The Donut Bouquet Until The Day Of The Wedding.

Via Desert Boxes

My bridal party was so excited when they found out they were walking down the aisle with donuts. My husband and I wanted to have fun at our wedding and we figured, why not have donuts? Everyone loves donuts.


This Certainly Made Them Stand Out.

Via Desert Boxes

We wanted the wedding to be a bit different and really reflect who we are as a couple. Brides should be a bit more relaxed and have fun.


Her Wedding Made International News.

Via Desert Boxes

Is this the new trend? Will everyone have donuts instead of flowers in their wedding from now on? What do you think of this idea?

Or would you rather stick with flowers?

Comment on below and let us know.

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