Guy’s Shares How His ‘Annoying’ Classmate Is Actually His Friend & It Perfectly Narrates ‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover’

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying thousands of times.

However, you might never have completely agreed with it. After all who has the time to try to be friends with someone who ‘seems’ like he might be annoying? So we do what we think is best for us.

We ignore them. However, this story proves that this might not be the best way to deal with people. Because as it turns out, the other person might turn out to be completely different than what their first impression was.

Source: Twitter

The story starts out ordinarily enough when Thomas talks about a foreign guy in his class.

Okay, So that does sound a bit rude if I say so myself.

I can see why that would be annoying at the time, but that is really sweet of him.

Oh, come on! High fives at 8 in the morning aren’t that bad!

Sometimes we should appreciate the same things rather than clamoring for change.

So I assume the seats aren’t assigned then?

Now that is surprising indeed! Who knew the guy was so sweet?

That is not cheesy at all. I would be quite touched too.

At least he is trying to learn a second language. That’s better than what most people do.

Wow, he really got his sh*t together then.

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