We Might Not be Stuck With Donald Trump, As Mexico’s Former President Is Now Running For U.S President

Vicente Fox Is Actually Running For U.S President.

Not many people are fond of Donald Trump. Even people from other countries seem to troll Trump. Whether you support him or not is another thing. Even if you do, you will still be laughing uncontrollably at the campaign video of Vicente Fox (Probably.)

You might remember Vicente when he refused to foot the bill for a southern border wall which the then-candidate Trump insisted upon. “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall.”  However, He has proved to be Trump’s elitist troll.

You might understand what I am talking about once you see the video he released, where he announced that he would be running for U.S president.

#1 He Called Donald Trump As “Last Year’s Rotting Halloween Pumpkin.”

This is however just the tip of the cake as he referred to him with many more insulting names.

Now, I know a lot of you will say, ‘How can you be president? You’re a Mexican! And to those people, I have three words: Donald Fucking Trump. If that worn out baseball glove tightly gripping a turd can be president, then, amigos, anyone can.

#2 He Also Promises To Have A Little Inauguration.

I promise to save the American taxpayers money by having a teeny, little inauguration. Bigger than Trump’s, of course, but still very, very small.

I know I know, that this might be seen as a cheap joke. However, crowd size seems really important to Trump. Remember when he was visiting the areas devastated by the hurricane? He couldn’t stop himself from mentioning how many people flocked to see him.

#3 He Also Mentions Air-Bud.

Donald, you have the worst team since the team that was beaten by Air Bud. A basketball-playing golden retriever who has no hands, which are so, so necessary for the sport of basketball.

If you didn’t know, Vicente means The Trump Cabinet. Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, who surprisingly has no prior diplomatic experience. Then there is Ben Carson who is the Housing Secretary, who was nominated after saying in public that he was unqualified for a cabinet post (I wonder why?).

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a billionaire Republican donor who campaigns against public schools because why not? Last but not the least Rick Perry, the Secretary of Energy, who previously proposed abolishing the department that he now runs.

#4 He Is Unable To Undo Donald Trumps Legislation.

Now, I was going to promise to undo all of Donald’s hateful legislation. But amigo, you haven’t passed a fucking thing. I’m not even president yet, and we have both passed the same amount of substantial legislation. I, a foreigner, who lives in another country, have passed zero. And you, the President of the United States, have also passed zero.

This might be very funny, but it is not exactly true. Since he did pass 53 bills, and 2 of these even actually created a new policy. He has, however, passed no major legislation, like repealing Obamacare.

#5 Anyone Remember Trump Mentioning Mount Rushmore?

If they ever do a Mount Rushmore for [expletive] president. It will just be your bloated orange head four times. Yuck.

I am pretty sure he wouldn’t mind that. At least he would be getting his face carved into stone.

#6 Did I Mention The Band?

Please vote for Vicente
to be presidente.
He cannot be any worse
than Donald Trump.
Because nobody’s worse
than Donald Trump…
Not even Joffrey,
and that bitch killed Ned Stark!

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