Donald Trump Jr. Liked A Tweet Related To Anal Bleaching, And Internet Is Full Of Questions

Today, in Trump Twitter news,

Donald Trump Jr. liked a… Crappy tweet. No one saw it coming, it was like it barged in through the back door. One could argue that that wasn’t what he intended to do, butt the evidence was damning.

Okay, I’ll stop making terrible puns and get to it.

There’s a twitter account known as @TrumpsAlert which closely follows the movements of the Trump family to let everyone know what’s going on. As such, they quickly realise whenever something Ted Cruz style happens.

You know what I’m talking about.


Initially, the tweet was innocent, but with a comedian like Gavin McInnes, you can never be sure.


Turns out, the post was actually about anal bleaching.

It was initially posted by Stefan Molyneux, but it was Trump Jr.’s reaction to the whole thing that really mattered.

Does he like anal bleaching, or did he just find Gavin’s caption inspiring?

Who knows?

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