Donald Trump Jr. Going Full Alt-Right, Posting AWFUL Memes Showing Donald Trump Violently Hurting “CNN”

There has been a political fiasco ever since President Trump tweeted a meme

And there has been a tonne of fallout. CNN was arguably very irritated because the meme involved the President of the United States clotheslining and then beating the crap out of the media network. A lot of his supporters loved it, and a lot of his opposers hated it. But that’s what they would have done no matter what.

It was how CNN reacted that really turned it into a crapstorm.

CNN found the creator of the meme.

And threatened to dox himFurther still, when the internet found out that CNN was trying to stifle free speech using threats, they went after them hardcore. The result? Instead of just one meme of the President bashing CNN, there had been countless.

There were some tasteful ones, and some distasteful ones, but they were all funny. One of the memes depicted the President as one of the planes that flew into the twin towers. It was posted by Lucian B. Wintrich, an infamous White House supporter for arranging “Twinks For Trump”. It showed the far more infamous, best selling, Jewish homosexual, Milo Yiannopoulos bathing in pigs blood.


So what happened after?

Donald Trump Jr., who had propogated the idea that the creator of the original President vs. CNN gif was 15, retweeted the 9/11 one as well.

The result? Absolute rage.


So, while the President pissed of CNN, his son pissed off the public.

It’s what free speech guarantees, but it doesn’t protect you from the consequence of what you say


What do you think?

Did Trump Jr. go too far, not far enough, or is the public just easily pissed off?

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