Domino’s Pizza Tracker Just Saved A Guy From His Psychotic Ex And The Details Are Crazy

Sometimes Help can come from unexpected sources.

It’s just that simple. Sometimes you’re crossing the road not knowing a fast car is approaching, so someone behind you pulls you aside at the last second saving your life. Or, sometimes you’re just casually chilling at home on a Saturday night when your crazy Ex decides to show up with a knife, and so Domino’s pizza has to intervene to save the day.

Yes, you read that correctly because the latter actually happened.

Basically, someone posted a crazy story on Tumblr of how Domino’s saved him from his psychotic ex, and it’s just as weird as it sounds.

Scroll on below and read the whole thing.

This is how it goes.

So he decides to try something different for a change.

The Pizza Tracker.

Now, here’s the mega showdown.

Oh dear. This is intense!


We need more people like Alejandro in the world!

Well, that settles that. Have you ever had any such bizarre experiences in your life? Specifically, that involves a crazy ex and maybe Domino’s? Let us know in the comments below.

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