10+ Most Hilarious And Relatable Pictures That Describe Doing Things For the 1st and the 101st Time

Doing something for the first time.

We are all familiar with the nervousness of doing something for the very first time. The fear of screwing up right off the bat is what triggers our inner perfectionist and makes us want to get the things right. Apart from that, any amazing first experience makes us feel happy and enthusiastic towards our work. But, as time passes we get used to everything, and it’s just natural that it makes us a bit sloppy too.

So, here we have some hilarious and highly relatable illustrations for you that show how things that we do change over time.

Scroll on below and enjoy!

#1 Those who travel a lot know exactly how this feels.

#2 This is so true.

#3 We are all perfectionists in the beginning.

#4 With time you don’t even feel it anymore.


#6 With time it simply becomes a part of the routine.


#7 Every person ever.

#8 Some things stay the same.

#9 Deception.

#10 When you are sick and tired of repeating the same words every day.

#11 Confidence also develops with time.

#12 Poor doctor.

#13 Tbh, it just gets boring.

#14 And at the end, we all just get used to it.

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