10+ Pictures That Show How Dogs Will Look Like With Eyebrows

Eyes are the windows to the soul.

However, eyebrows do most of the hard lifting rather than the actual eye. You may have noticed that eyes don’t show much emotion. However, our eyebrows really do crease when we are angry or turn upwards when we are surprised.

So that is why even dogs should have eyebrows, that way we’d know what they are thinking all the time. So that is exactly what we have done for you. Some of these pictures seem quite ordinary until you look at the brows.

So scroll below and take a look at these surprised dogs.

Source: MetaPicture

#1 Please don’t look at me like that.

#2 He probably wants to play fetch.

#3 He knows whats up.

#4 He seems like such a good boy.

#5 ‘Don’t stop now!”

#6 Did he see a ghost?

#7 That is the face of a sad, disgruntled dog.

#8 “Do I look like Rapunzel yet?”

#9 More food!

#10 He is probably seeing something he shouldn’t.

#11 “OMG Is that what I think it is!?”

#12 He is angry that you didn’t feed him on time.

#13 Loving the pink sweater.

#14 Tape on eyebrows are all the rage nowadays.

#15 And this dog is doing it right!

Would you love your dogs to have eyebrows? Well, it is as simple as taping it on them or using a dog safe dye to draw it on. However, you do it; I recommend seeing your dog with eyebrows at least once. It might just change your whole worldview.

So comment down below and let us know what you thought of these doggos.

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