10+ Dogs That Will Remind You Of Your Babushka

Babushka for the win!

Some of you might be thinking, ‘What is Babushka?’ Well, since that word will come up a lot in this article, let me tell you the meaning. You see, People normally call their grandmother a Babushka.

It is also the headscarf tied around the chin that many Russian women wear. What does it have to do with dogs you ask? What happens when you put a scarf on a dog? You get a Babushka! And guess what? There is a whole Reddit dedicated to this.

So scroll on below and take a look at these beautiful Babushkas.

Source: Reddit

#1 When your Babushka is angry at you.

#2 Yes, She wants some love.

#3 This Babushka seems quite tired.

#4 Just let me put on my glasses.

#5 When she just wants a snuggle.

#6 Won’t you play with her?

#7 When her Comforter makes her look like a Babushka.

#8 Those were the good old days.

#9 When she is ready to go out.

#10 Posing for a portrait.

#11 Winter has come.

#12 Babushka hates cold.

#13 That looks great.

#14 Both of these babushkas look equally great.

#15 Pink is the new black after all.

#16 When your Babushka is working hard.

#17 Just look at those rosy cheeks.

#18 Those eyes say it all.

#19 Was this as enlightening for you as it was for me?

#20 This post is dedicated to all the Babushkas of the world.

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