10+ Dogs Who Are Scared Of Ridiculously Random Things

Everyone Has Fears.

Yes, That also includes dogs. Some may seem irrational to us, but not to them. Dogs can come with their own quirks. Usually, these fears end up making some hilarious pictures. Vacuums might be the universal thing that all dogs are afraid of.

However, you will see many other things that dogs are pretty frightened of. Yes, these fears even include carpets. No, I am not kidding.

#1 Kittens Can Be Quite Scary Sometimes.

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#2 This Dog Seems To Be Scared Of The Little Toy Sheep.

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#3 So Even Dogs Are Afraid Of Julia Roberts.

Via Keyla R

#4 Nobody Likes The Rooomba.

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#5 Everyone Is Afraid Of Thunder, It Seems.

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#6 Well This Is Quite Funny.

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#7 This Dog Seems To Be Afraid Of The Rain.

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#8 Don’t Worry This Tiny Kitten Won’t Hurt You.

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#9 This Dog Has Some Attachment Issues.

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#10 That Is Literally Me After Seeing A Mouse.

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#11 Maybe We Should All Try This Technique. Seems To Be Working.

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#12 Damn, A Fake Mouse!

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#13 At least The Duck Seems Happy.

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#14 When You Get Lied Too.

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#15 This Is A Game Of Find The Dog.

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#16 Maybe If I Don’t Look At The Cat. She Will Disappear?

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#17 I Would Be Scared Too.

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#18 Lawnmover’s Are Scary.

Via el_Capi

#19 Are We Sure This Giant Zucchini Is Not An Alien?

Via mtglilianavess

#20 I Think The Giraffe Is Staring At Me.

Via Adeline_Garrett

#21 This Dog Does Not Think Her Friend Is A Good Driver.

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#22 Cars Can Be Quite Scary.

Via Gwenhyvar

#23 I Wholly Agree With This.

Via ukamarinuka

#24 I Never Understood Why Tractors Don’t Have A Roof.

Via wufnu

#25 When You Know You Are Growing Old.

Via Geoffbernier

#26 I Shall Try This With My Dog.

Via majtolentino

#27 Or Maybe He Was Just Lazy.

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#28 Me When I Watch Shark Week.

Via kolbydukes

#29 Shower Is The Safest Place To Be.

Via WoWDisciplinePriest

#30 Vacuums: The Real Killer.

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