Dog’s Owner Caught Her Gold Digging For Burgers At Local McDonalds & Hilariously Confronted Her

Doggo gold digging for BURGERS!

Who would have thought Dogs could be gold-diggers too? Well, guess there’s a first time for everything! So, you see basically everything started about a week back when the owner, Betsy Reyes from Oklahoma City, started noticing a drastic increase in her Dog’s weight. Despite all the care that was given to the princess, for some reason she was still a bit chubby.

Out of complete frustration and helplessness one day Betsy decided to keep a full check on her Dog. That’s when she realised that the chubby princess sneaks out of the house to the local Mcdonalds every night and tricks people into giving her snacks! She would sit near the drive-thru with her puppy dog eyes and lure people into her trap.

Upon learning this trick, Betsy decided to teach her a lesson. So, one night, Betsy went to the drive-thru and caught the sneaky little dog red-handed!

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Meet Betsy Reyes, from Oklahoma City who solved the mystery of her suspiciously overweight dog!

This is what she posted on her Facebook that drew the attention of the world!

Here’s the sweet looking culprit!

And this is how she looked when she was caught ‘in the act.’


This is the video that was uploaded on Facebook.

Geplaatst door Betsy Singh Reyes op Zondag 21 oktober 2018

It went viral within days!

Geplaatst door Betsy Singh Reyes op Zondag 21 oktober 2018

Just imagine what the world has come down to.

Look at this innocent soul. Does she look like she can cause trouble?

The story got so popular that someone even made a fake Instagram account for the Dog.

Here’s how the internet responded to the story.

She protec, she attac, but most importantly she trick people for extra snac!’

This is certainly something out of the ordinary. We don’t get to see this every day. What do you think about the innocent little sneaky princess? Let us know in the comments below!

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