Artist Reimagined Dogs As Warriors And Results Are Pawsome

Dogs are warriors in disguise!

If you’ve ever been a Mortal Kombat fan or if you’re into any sort of gaming that revolves around kicking ass then, you must’ve wondered what it’ll be like playing with dogs as warriors. A Doberman kicking some ass is undoubtedly something to look forward to even though dogs are more popular for being man’s best friend. You’ll be surprised to see how well they sync with being warriors.

American artist, Nikita Orlov revamped futuristic technology to create significant versions of dogs, and you’ll never look at them the same way again! Nikita has a degree in fine arts and illustrations. He’s passionate about art and games, focusing on developing exciting worlds and achieving new goals. He refers to himself as an experienced artist with skills necessary for game development and entertainment industry. From inception to completion, Nikita is a maestro of traditional and digital art skills.

Source: Nikita Orlov

Check out some of his mind-blowing illustrations below:

#1 Akita Bard

#2 Bulldog Gladiator

#3 Chow Chow Innkeeper

#4 Corgi Guard

#5 Dachshund Inquisitor

#6 Doberman Knight

#7 Feral Undead

#8 German Shepherd Oprichnik

#9 Great Dane Wizard

#10 Greyhound Ranger

#11 Chihuahua Merchant

#12 Poodle Warlock

#13 Pug Arbalist

#14 Senbernar Monk

#15 Shiba Inu Samurai

#16 Siberian Husky Barbarian

#17 Spaniel Admiral

18. The Goodest Boy

Let us know what other dog breeds you’ll like to see as warriors, and we might just pitch in a little word to Nikita Orlov for you.

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