10+ Doggos On Snapchat That Will Brighten Your Day With Their Pureness

Dogs Are Amazing.

I started out as being a cat person, but now, even dogs hold a special place in my heart. You will understand my sudden change of heart when you look at the pictures below. Yes, dogs might be derpy sometimes, at least they are not assholes like cats (I say this with as much love possible.)

So just sit back and let these dogs fill your heart with joy. You won’t be disappointed.

#1 Because Potatoes Are Awesome!

#2 You Were Not Invited.

#3 How Can You Say No To Those Eyes?

#4 Those brushes Are Scary.

#5 When A Dog And Cat See Each Other For The First Time.

#6 Or Maybe He Wanted To Catch It With His Chest?

#7 This Is True Love Right Here.

#8 Yah, He Isn’t Going To Give Up Without A Fight.

#9 He Knows What You Are Up To.

#10 This Is How Everyone Wants To Go.

#11 Looking….. Looking..

#12 He Actually Feels Accomplished.

#13 Happens To The Best Of Us.

#14 I’ll Adopt Him.

#15 Someone Should Look At You Like They Want To Eat You? Okay…

#16 Well I Am Relieved Then.

#17 Much Better Than A Boring Landscape.

#18 That Is Surprising How?

#19 You Can Just Tell By His Expression.

#20 Maybe Because You Look Better Upside Down?

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