10+ Doggos On Google Street View To Take You On A Worldwide Adventure

  • By Silas
  • December 9, 2018
  • 5 minutes read

Your dog viewing adventure has gone global!

Doggo lovers never get tired of watching dogs being smart, silly, and playful all at once. While we prefer watching dogs in real life, a picture or a hundred is never a problem.

However, most of the photos on the internet are of dogs who have been made to pose in a certain way, with a nice background and sometimes even a bit of beautification. Do you, like me, ever want to see doggos just being natural doggos in a natural, random environment?

That is what you find on the Tumblr page Dogs of Google Street View. It has a massive collection of unknowing dogs, and owners too, caught by Google’s street cameras. These might not be photo-standard, but the best thing is you get to see dogs from all over the world.

Here are a few shots that will take you on an International dog watching adventure!

#1 Qaqortoq, Kujalleq Municipality, Greenland.

60°43’7.3693″N, 46°2’3.1477″W

#2 Glasgow, Scotland.

55°51’50.652″N, 4°16’47.77″W

#3 Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland.

61°29’41.7757″N, 23°46’19.0387″E

#4 Manila, Philippines.

14°34’23.1319″N, 121°0’21.2396″E

#5 Bangkok, Thailand.

13°48’39.9071″N, 100°31’11.91″E

#6 Bangkok, Thailand.

13°48’0.7398″N, 100°31’42.713″E

#7 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

52°22’16.9288″N, 4°53’55.6638″E

#8 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

52°22’18.206″N, 4°53’46.4964″E

#9 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.

52°22’27.6629″N, 4°53’55.6465″E

#10 Newport Beach, California, United States.

33°39’43.043″N, 117°52’59.4116″W

#11 Orange, California, United States.

33°47’19.0734″N, 117°51’11.2936″W

#12 Messina, Sicily.

38°11’4.2133″N, 15°33’13.4377″E

#13 Pocatello, Idaho, United States.

42°54’4.6858″N, 112°27’4.7736″W

#14 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

49°17’13.0531″N, 123°7’42.6223″W

#15 Boystown, Chicago Illinois, United States.

41°56’56.7532″N, 87°38’58.7144″W

#16 Champaign Illinois, United States.

40°6’28.805″N, 88°14’0.5906″W

#17 Burlington Vermont, United States.

44°28’44.8856″N, 73°13’7.6746″W

#18 Nagoya, Japan.

35°5’24.9382″N, 136°52’59.5445″E

#19 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

34°39’33.6748″S, 58°37’7.2775″W

#20 Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States.

40°46’16.3495″N, 73°58’16.3751″W

#21 La Serena, Coquimbo Region, Chile.

29°54’18.049″S, 71°15’0.5936″W

#22 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

28°28’4.8925″N, 16°15’51.2456″W

#23 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

3°6’41.8558″N, 101°37’12.9788″E

#24 Comox, British Columbia, Canada.

49°41’2.5094″N, 124°56’16.6805″W

#25 Gothenburg, Sweden.

57°42’2.7036″N, 11°57’50.6912″E

#26 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

34°36’53.0449″S, 58°27’29.7223″W

#27 Cork, Ireland.

51°53’39.5912″N, 8°28’37.636″W

#28 Gogoch, Wales.

53°13’13.9699″N, 4°11’27.2234″W

#29 Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

43°40’8.2718″N, 79°22’45.4609″W

#30 Hong Kong.

22°18’57.0553″N, 114°10’38.5856″E

#31 Buenos Aires, Argintina.

34°37’43.2581″S, 58°31’12.8384″W

#32 Mexico City, Mexico.

19°24’39.9712″N, 99°10’8.0936″W

#33 Mexico City, Mexico.

19°24’40.118″N, 99°10’8.5987″W

#34 Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States.

40°46’9.4055″N, 73°57’41.7042″W

#35 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

47°54’41.4252″N, 106°54’45.3085″E

#36 Manila, Philippines.

14°34’33.6756″N, 121°0’6.0905″E

#37 Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada.

49°40’5.8562″N, 103°51’14.9882″W

#38 Bangkok, Thailand.

13°48’39.5464″N, 100°31’11.091″E

#39 Bangkok, Thailand.

13°48’8.9219″N, 100°31’28.708″E

#40 Plaza de la Constitución, Santiago, Chile.

33°26’38.4138″S, 70°39’13.0896″W

Head over to this great Tumblr page to get a glimpse of more random, unaware doggos just being themselves!

Did you find a favourite in this compilation? Comment below and share them with fellow lovers of doggos and adventures.

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