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10+ Doggos Bring Unsolicited Gifts For Their Humans But It's Okay Because They're Cute

10+ Doggos Bring Unsolicited Gifts For Their Humans But It’s Okay Because They’re Cute

At least these dogs were thinking about their owner.

And the thought is what really counts, right? I know that the owner might not have any use of a corpse, (Unless they are into some creepy sh*t), but how was the dog supposed to know? So these ‘gifts’ might not be the best.

However, it completely depends on how you look at it. At least you got a good picture to remember this hilarious moment, right? And memories should always be remembered. It is clear that these dogs love their owners.

#1 He clearly needs his teeth brushed.

Via xxds/Imgur

#2 How sweet! He didn’t eat it himself.

Via RebelJane/Imgur

#3 I’d rather not think about what it is.

Via Unknown/Imgur

#4 His mouth is going to be quite toned by the end of it.

Via Pexels

#5 You’re never too old for it.

Via Unknown/Imgur

#6 I honestly have no idea what that is.

Via Pxhere

#7 This puppy loves bringing things.

Via anlyin/Imgur

#8 He is asking whether you’d bake it for him?

Via Unknown/Imgur

#9 He is trying to eat healthier.

Via anlyin/Imgur

#10 The cucumber is even bigger than the dog!

Via anlyin/Imgur

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