10+ Photos Of Doggos And Cats Together That Will Warm Your Heart

Cats and dogs are definitely better than humans.

At least when it comes to getting on great together. While we have all heard that cats and dogs are natural enemies, that doesn’t stop them from getting on well together, as proved by the following pictures.

These images are sure to make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy. And in this day and age, that might be the best thing ever. So if you are ready to squeal with delight, scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Comforting friend.

Via Imgur

“When your friend is sad and you’re trying to comfort them”

#2 Sleeping together.

Via thirdimmortal

“My friend got new cat and her dog adopted her immediately, they always sleep like this”

#3 Greetings.

Via Wolverinedoge

“Louis made a new friend”

#4 Hating sunlight.

Via kelldog24

“Nice to have a buddy when you’re down & out”

#5 Furry beds.

Via Hyperlactemiac

“My family cat and dog are inseparable”

#6 Ruining the sofa.

Via iliveinasmallbox

“Getting along like cats and dogs”

#7 Romantic scene.

Via princessoliviaa

“Looks like a romantic scene from a movie…”

#8 Leaving behind.

Via Reddit

“Drive safe, honey.”

#9 Not waking up.

Via JaneStreet

“Both think the other is sleeping.”

#10 Not having it.

Via TotallyNotJackinIt

“Our dog has really taken a liking to our new cat. Kitty’s still getting used to it.”

#11 Hugging.

Via thegr8anand

“My cat and dog when not playing with each other”

#12 Supportive friend.


“You’ve got this, little kitty.”

#13 Comfy mattress.

Via Reddit

“The softest and comfiest mattress”

#14 Cuddle time.

Via Reddit

“These two love to cuddle.”

#15 Getting along.

Via hammadashraf00786

“It turns out cats and dogs get along just fine”

#16 Best friends.

Via wolfslayer699

“My one eyed former feral cat and dog are the cutest friends”

#17 Puppy eyes.

Via snodialove

“He is my play buddy, my best mate, my bodyguard and also my pillow.”

#18 Going away.

Via Imgur

“When you haven’t seen your significant other all day”

#19 Secret meetings.

Via StrangemonkeeP

“My friends cat and dog never get along but we found them like this one day…”

#20 Night modelling.

Via thekevbot14

“My cat and dog don’t always get along, but sometimes at night they decide to pose for cute pictures.”

#21 Melted cat.

Via Tibor09

“I can’t cat today, carry me!”

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