Here Are The Latest Doggo Rates From WeRateDogs That’ll Instantly Make You Fall In Love

All Doggos are good boys/girls!

And we are here today to show you the latest Dog ratings by one of the coolest Twitter accounts WeRateDogs. Every now and then they tweet about the best boys and girls around the globe. People send them pictures of their doggos, and they rate them accordingly. Of course, there must be a criterion or something according to which they get points, but for all we know they are ranked based on their absolute goodness.

The following are some of the dog rates from WeRateDogs that we have compiled to share with you today. So, scroll on below and take a look at these good boys and girls and see if they have been rated correctly.


Maggie and Oria 14/10

Jackson 13/10

‘Oreo Ice Cream’ 14/10

Buster 13/10

Oggie and Opal 13/10

Finnick 14/10

Maui 12/10

Knox 12/10

Kailo 13/10

Carl 13/10

Hugo 13/10

‘F4 Tornadoes’ 12/10

Magic 13/10

The unicorn 14/10

Franklin 13/10

Neville 12/10

What do you think of these ratings? Would you rate them otherwise? Comment down below and let us know how would you rate all these good boys!

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