Photographer Takes Magical Photos Of Doggo Models In Breathtaking Places

What happens when you combine dogs and beautiful landscape?

Well, you get breathtakingly beautiful pictures that are wholly unique. And that is exactly what this 23-year-old photographer Alicja Zmysłowska from Poland did. And I have to admit the result is gorgeous. From ethereal looking lakes to waterfalls, these pictures boast it all.

The project is also appropriately named “Craving Miracles”. And it is no short of a miracle to train a dog so well that it won’t jump off a high ledge. The following is what she had to say about the experience.

In my new project “Craving Miracles”, I combined the stunning beauty of nature and personalities of adventurous dogs. I was mostly inspired by the beauty of the northern landscapes of Norway, Iceland, and Alaska. I wanted to create something new, unique, and different. Something that would bring my dog photography to another level. My biggest goal is to never be repetitive and have my own ideas.

I wanted more than just to travel through wonderful landscapes with a dog and a camera. I wanted to create a connection, an emotional bond between the dog and a selected place. I wanted to make people not only appreciate a pretty view and a dog in it but to stop for a while, think about the photo, an emotion it creates, a story it tells. My goal is to create art with a core of truthful photography inspired by real experiences, real locales. An art that tells stories and has a piece of my soul in it.

Each photo shoot was a different adventure that couldn’t be possible without the heroes of the project, the dogs and their infinitely dedicated owners who were ready to drive for many hours in a car, or even fly a plane.

Alicja Zmysłowska

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#1 The night sky.

#2 The play of colour.

#3 The desert reflection.

Early spring landscape of Poland seen from a train while travelling with Ciri.

#4 The icy statue.

For a photo shooting in this special location, I decided to choose Siberian Husky – their coat is thick, it keeps them warm and isolates them from the cold. This adorable girl’s name is Mira.

#5 The Waterfall.

Brave Nukvi, a mix of Border Collie and German Shepherd at Westfjords.

#6 Playing hide and seek.

Ciri is a professional model, she is offering poses and spots for photos on her own. This shot that was her idea! When she sees me with a camera she gets excited to find a right spot, pose, and get a reward.

She will hide behind the trees, jump on rocks, go inside little caves and spaces between rocks and wait for me to get the shot she had in mind.

#7 Teary eyes.

#8 Fluffy cloud.

Soft souls – Samoyed named Ice on lava fields.

#9 Magnificent cave.

This image of a dog under water falling from 60 meters at famous Skogafoss perfectly shows the great power of water.

#10 Soulful portrait.

Almost surreal effect of my photos depends on many conditions, such as choosing a right place and a dog model.

#11 A warm scarf.

Classic self-portrait of us shot in local park.

#12 Running ahead.

Ciri is having fun while hiking long trails, sleeping in a tent, posing for photos and just enjoying adventurous dog life.

#13 Sinful smile.

My Border Collie, Ciri.

#14 Icy landscape.

Huge part of my project was shooting in various locations and different kind of environment that Iceland offers.

#15 Ethereal clouds.

Another big part of this project was a shoot in Norway with my own dog – Border Collie Ciri. We spent two weeks on a road trip through Norway.

#16 Eco-system.

I wanted to create emotional portraits of the dogs in places that are not so easy to access and are one of a kind.

#17 The sunrise reflection.

A big part of my project are widely-considered water themes.

#18 Ice crystals.

#19 Black and white.

I am mostly fascinated by waterfalls and ice formations, but I also like lakes, rivers, even fog or rain.

#20 Two opposites.

Shadow, a Siberian Husky – 13 years old amazing soul that we took to the shooting by glacier at Lake George in Alaska on a small private plane.

#21 6-months-old ciri.

Ciri was only 6 months old when I took this self-portrait with her by a waterfall in Poland. Now she is almost 3 years old.

#22 Shadow of a wolf.

Some shots of this project are from Poland. This photo is taken at Lower Silesian Area of Poland.

#23 Mossy waterfall.

#24 Powerful Emotion.

Water can be so peaceful but so powerful at the same time.

#25 In the air.

Self-portrait with Ciri doing her favorite trick – jumping up.

#26 The nightly howl.

#27 Calm before the storm.

That day, the weather wasn’t easy. There were a hailstorm and pouring rain.

Thanks to this we got this amazing dark blue sky, and a bit of sun shining on the dog and brightening up the ice making it shine like crystals.

#28 Sparkling diamonds.

#29 The windy scene.

#30 The secret place.

#31 On the ledge.

Just 28 km of walk for this amazing view! Ciri’s curiosity was stronger than fear in this moment! But she was safe and on a leash.

#32 Forest.

#33 Jumping the plane.

Shadow ready to jump into the small plane after the shooting.

#34 The red mountain.

I photographed many individual dog models during my three weeks trip around Iceland. Here is an Afghan Hound Tinni on a red rock formation.

He fits perfectly in setting because of his size, color, and unusual appearance.

#35 Ashy landscape.

Is there life on Mars? Westfjords of Iceland.

#36 Sky meets land.

There were just some classic and famous locations to be checked from the list, like Preikestolen and Trolltunga.

#37 Plane view.

Some locations had to be reached by… a plane. We took dog models in a small plane to the glacier lake.


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