10+ Doggo Burritos That Will Instantly Make Your Ruff Day Better

Doggos that look just like Burritos!

If you are a Dog lover or an owner, you would most definitely know how adorable and delicious dogs look when they’re all wrapped up. (Especially when they get all comfortable and cosy). And at that time the resemblance between them and freshly made burritos become uncanny. Because let’s be honest, at that point they “look like a snack!” And just in case you doubt what we’re saying, we have proof for you. A lot of it.

Scroll down and check it all out. We have a compilation of some of the cutest, most amazing doggos that are wrapped up in blankets.


Innocent Burrito

Perfectly wrapped Burrito

Messy Burrito

Comfy Burrito

Sleeping Burrito

Tongue-face Burrito!

Fantasising Burrito

Smol Burrito

Big Burrito

Sour Cream Burrito

Photogenic Burrito

Massive Burrito

Half Burrito

‘Why are you doing this to me human?’ Burrito

Chinese Mexican Burrito

Mini Burrito

‘I don’t want to be a Burrito’ Burrito

Good Burrito

Tired Burrito

Double Burrito

So what you think of our Burrito collection? Do you have some of your own that you would like to share with us? If so, then comment below and let us know!

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