10+ Pictures of Doggo and Photographer Girl That The Internet Can’t Stop Loving

  • By Silas
  • February 6, 2019
  • 4 minutes read

Photography has reached a whole new level!

All wannabe photographers out there, beware! This new brand of photography is not your game to play. Do you really think you can outgun a girl-dog duo with a penchant for clicking perfect, amazing photos? Stop fooling yourselves. Ursula and Hugo have created their perfect niche, and we are hooked.

Let me introduce you to Ursula Aitchison, a dog parent and photographer who has been capturing doggo-hooman moments for the last five years. She started by clicking photos of her dog, Hugo. She dressed him up in silly costumes and Hugo, a natural model, had no problems posing. Ursula says that she has drawn inspiration from her late great uncle Craigie Aitchison and his Belington Terriers who were always there with him as he painted.

Ursula maintains that while she had crazy fun when it was just Hugo and her, she loves and still has fun documenting the special bond other people have with their dogs.

Well, that’s enough talk. It’s time for Hugo and Ursula to take the stage and blow your minds away!

#1 Noting down the number of treats being a model earns you

#2 Cool guy at the cafe

#3 Girls come to the bar to try their luck with him

#4 When your hooman is the real devil

#5 Good boy equals good driver

#6 The duo taking your breath away

#7 Perspectives

#8 Doggo has perfect teeth

#9 I can’t eggsplain this one

#10 Lettuce not pose like this, hooman!

#11 Studying to become a dogtor

#12 The fashionable couple people keep staring at

#13 Would you rather have pineapple on your pizza or your head?

#14 Masterpiece

#15 Riding to work

#16 Classy

#17 The chilling-after-a-run look

#18 Not a horror story

#19 Can’t help but brag

#20 Hugo is not impressed

#21 Don’t even, Ursula!

#22 The latest winter fashion line is here

If you like their work, remember to visit Ursula and Hugo on Facebook and reach them at their website Phodography.com. Perhaps you can try a photo-shoot with your dog as well, arranged and styled by Ursula, the dog photographer this world needs!

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