Dog Trainer Posted An Ad Online But This Troll Made Her Regret Posting Her Number Online

Dogs can cause a lot of ruckuses.

That is probably the reason as to why there are so many dog trainers. They run away, chase their tails and are overall goofs. That does not mean, we don’t love them. Quite the opposite actually.

However, at times they need a tiny bit of training so they can behave. That is exactly what this guy wanted. You see, his dog had been running away every night, and he wanted to stop this, so he contacted a dog trainer.

As you can probably tell by the title, all of this was a lie, and he was just trolling the dog trainer.

Source: Textastrophe

The dog trainer seems like a great gal.

Daryl was apparently in need of some desperate help for his dog Presto.

She simply asked him what he wanted for his dog.

He wasn’t sure what he wanted.

It seems Presto need a lot more than just some basic lessons.

However, it seems he only wanted the dog to escape.

So she advised him to lock the door next time.

It seems Presto is being influenced by bad dogs.

Daryl has apparently caught his dog many times red-handed.

So she gave him free advice telling him that he really doesn’t need any training.

At first, it seemed like the problem was solved.

But she was quite wrong.

And she only realized it after she received this picture.

It was only then that she realized that he had been trolling her.

And she was quite angry as expected.

However, it didn’t stop there as he texted her two days later.

She has finally had enough.

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