Dog Trainer Got Caught Scamming People As This Woman Reported After He Didn’t Return Her Dog For Weeks

Money makes the world go round!

It’s extremely sad that people can go to any length just to make a few bucks. However, that’s just how the world and its people work. Rachel Grace Tyrer from Jonesboro, Arkansas was having trouble finding closure after she lost her dog because of the trainer who was taking care of it. Rachel sent her dog, Ollie, for an obedience program which lasted four weeks. However, instead of 4 weeks, Ollie was there for 11 weeks.

Rachel felt that it was necessary for her to contact Nelson regarding the prolonged stay of Ollie at the obedience program. But, every time Rachel would inquire about her dog or would request to see her, Nelson would simply show her a cold shoulder. Things took a more suspicious turn when Rachel got a text one day, saying that her dog couldn’t make it and was buried. Ollie’s death was both mysterious and came as a shock to Rachel. Rachel even suspected that Nelson might have sold her dog away, for which she investigated before coming to any solid conclusion. Nelson wasn’t of much help in the entire scenario.

When the NEA Report got in touch with Nelson, the dog trainer claimed that most of the things Rachel said were untrue. “It’s not a scheme and for sure not drugs, I don’t know why you would even say that,”

“Truth is [the] dog got bit by a snake [and] passed away. I should of taken [the] dog straight to [the] vet like I was supposed to do, but instead, I flipped and didn’t. [I] buried [the dog] correctly by all means, but I messed up and told her I did and shouldn’t have. Now if you’d give me time to talk to [an] attorney, I’d greatly appreciate it by all means.”

Rachel’s last hope was to contact the police, and so she did. But, as per the police, the case is of civil intensity and refused to help her. Rachel then decided to turn to the internet, asking for help.

Have a look at the conversation she had with Nelson below:

Via Facebook

“How’s Ollie?”





“What time is the appointment?”



“Dax in the stomach and Ollie in the leg.”



“I’ll contact you soon as it’s over for you.”



“Hey can I come today or will it be Monday?”



“Hey Hunter. I have assumed my dog is still alive.”


Call for help!





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