Dog Caught Stealing Snacks on Live TV Becomes Internet Hero

A dog is our BFF, and like any other BFF, he is entitled to do all sorts of fun and weird stuff which comes to their special dog mind.

While they amuse us with fun and smart moves, they can sometimes make real trouble while having their own way of doing fun things. Someday you would come home and see that they have made a good rummage in the darkest corners of your apartment as part of some treasure hunt.

As some of their actions can be really frustrating, you can’t help but fall in love with the adorable face and the frantically wiggling tale.

The story we are going to share is of a sneaky dog who did a brilliant stealth job on a live Tv broadcast. This heroic pupper stole a delicious snack on a live broadcast right under the noses of the presenters. “May there never be anything between a hungry dog and a delicious snack.”

Watch the master sneak thief in action.

People certainly fell in love with the craftsmanship of this brilliant dog. All sorts of praise came flooding in.

“Some heroes wear collars!”

The adorable creature steals the show.

People are in love with the stealth moves.

The exceptional performance of sneaky snacking!

Have some interesting story of your pet to contribute? We would love to know about any of the heroic actions of your beloved pet.

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