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Dog Parents Everywhere Can Relate To This Comic About The Challenges of Raising Fur Babies

Dog Parents Everywhere Can Relate To This Comic About The Challenges of Raising Fur Babies

  • By Silas
  • December 17, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Dogs are a big responsibility

Actually, having any pet in the house is. To properly care and provide for another species requires a connection beyond actions and emotions. Comparing that with the act of raising up children could lead to unwanted standoffs. This comic by Andrew Bridgman and Karina Farek is a testament to that.

This comic is an extract from the life of a couple who have gotten themselves a dog. Nothing unusual. Another thing that’s not unusual here is a person saying that the dog is like a “practice baby” for the couple.


Really? You thought that was a wise thing to say? Especially in this age of minding your own business? Well, he gets his lesson as we read on.


It all changes with time.


Kids grow. They get smarter than you. They learn how to fend for themselves and live independently. How many dogs do you find attending classes at the university or working at the office?

On top of that, unless a dog is born and brought up on the streets, they have marginal survival tactics. Bred dogs at a pet shop can never be left alone.

They are permanent babies.


The relationship between a dog and its human parent is built on trust and loyalty of the highest degree. The dog’s life depends on it.

You are left wishing for more time with them.


The loss of a dog is guaranteed. From the moment your puppy opens its eyes, you have to prepare yourself for the day it closes them. It’s a whole different story with human babies who generally outlive their parents. The pain of separation is there, but especially with dogs, you can never avoid it.

It’s never easy.




The important thing to take away from this comic is never to undermine the efforts of a dog parent. They have to deal with things that human babies never put their parents through.

A major shout out to all dog parents who endure everything for their furry kids! Let us know what you think of this comic in the comments below!

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