Only Dog Owners Will Relate To This Incredibly Real Meme

The twitter account “Medieval Reactions” follows a very simple agenda. Taking screenshots of medieval paintings and giving them suitable captions with a hint of modernism. And their latest tweet went viral for the very right reason – it’s timeless caption.

The tweet hilariously portrays the eternal struggle of a dog owner trying to prevent it from eating off the streets:

Even though the picture clearly shows a buff man wrestling with a large tawny-coloured cat, the look of desperate panic in the cat’s eye is very similar to how a dog freaks out when garbage is being yanked out of its mouth. “Like, no dude, you can’t eat that.”


And people obviously couldn’t help but agree:

If you don’t own a big cat, I mean a dog, it must be hard for you to relate. So here are a few more musty medieval tweets:




Here’s another one about a dog:


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