Dog Owner Made Their Dog A Harry Potter Room Under Their Stairwell And Twitter Is Into It

People Love To Spoil Their Pets.

I don’t blame them either. Why shouldn’t you? However, this owner took his love for his dog and Harry Potter and combined it. The result was something else entirely.

A Twitter user by the name of Al Chris took to Twitter to tell us about how his brother designed a Harry Potter inspired bedroom under their stairwell for his beloved dog.

Twitter Was Obviously Loving It.

Some Resorted To Using Snoopdog Meme’s.

It Is Creative. Makes Me Wish I Thought Of It First.

So The Dog Never Feels Alone.

I Would Be Jealous Too.

Well, At Least It Is Cozy?

This Person Has The Right Idea!

Are you inspired now to make your pet the room they deserve? Because I know I am. Or do you already have an amazing room built especially for them?

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