Dog Lovers Are Now Adopting More Pitbulls After Majorly Fucked Up Trend Goes Viral

Pitbulls are dogs too!

Let me be honest. I am not the biggest fan of Pitbulls but I wouldn’t go as far as pretending to be a loving home and then drop some pit bulls at a kill shelter. Because While I might not personally like these dogs, doesn’t mean they are vicious.

However, many people seem to think that and are doing the exact same thing that I just described. I know surprising right?

Well, prepare to be even more surprised! So scroll on and take a look below and some of these posts from Twitter that are making #PitbullDropOff go viral.

Source: InaraSerra

#1 Inspired you? Damn, that is just cold.

#2 Ha ha very funny. I am literally laughing on the floor.

#3 The lesson here? Never give dogs to ‘good homes’.

#4 2nd dog? How can these people do such a heartless thing!?

#5 No just no. I want this to stop already!

#6 Just goes to show that people need to be more careful about who they give their dog to.

#7 Wow, It just seems like these people have a thirst for blood.

What are your thoughts on this new hashtag going around? Which side of this do you lie on? Do you think all pitbulls are vicious and should be killed off? Comment on below and let us know.

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