Dog Leotards Are The Latest Trend And You Need One For Your Doggo Now

Do you own a Dog?

Is your dog shedding too much fur? But you still love your dog way too much to do anything about it? Then don’t worry because we got the solution for you. The CEO and Founder of Shed Defender, Tyson Walters, came up with an incredible idea that prevents the dog from shedding fur for a certain amount of time. So, now you can say goodbye to all the mess and keep your doggo with you everywhere at all times. How great is that?

Scroll down and check out the awesome Dog Leotards!


Here is what the leotard looks like.

According to Tyson, “I came up with the idea for the Shed Defender back in 2011 because my St. Bernard Harley was shedding everywhere, and there was no way to contain it […] My goal was to develop a onesie that went on the dog so that I could contain Harley’s hair effectively and safely…”

The onesie is machine-washable.

It prevents shedding and also contains it.

It also helps relieve stress and anxiety.

The Onesie comes in different sizes so all good boys can wear it!

Big or small, the ShedDefender is for every doggo!

Just see how adorable they look!

What do you think about the Shed Defender? Would you like to see your dog in it too? Let us know in the comments below!

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