Story Of Doggo Gets Rescued By Oil Rig Workers Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

With evil, there’s good in this world too.

Nowadays, all we hear are barbaric acts with animals around the globe. People show no mercy towards animals. Instead, they choose to torture them for their own pleasure.

But fortunately, with evil, there’s good in this world too. If there is evil in the world, there is good too.

It has become so rare to see a kind act that if we see one happening, we just have to share it with the world.

So, here’s one that happened recently, and it’s just mesmerising.

In Thailand, a puppy was swimming and was lost 130 miles off-shore. The puppy had no hope towards survival, but just then, a group of men at an oil drilling platform saw it and took no time in rescuing it.

Vitisak Payalaw, one of the employees, states on his Facebook post, that they saw the puppy’s head while it was swimming towards the platform. Also, Vitisak tells us that luck was in the puppy’s favour as it was a calm day. If the waves were any bigger, It would have been impossible to save him.

He also took a picture as soon as they first saw him.

Scroll down, see it for yourself.

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This is what caught Vitisak’s attention.

The workers were in a hurry, so they rescued the dog by pulling him up with a rope, and not at all is it surprising that the puppy didn’t even flinch during the rescue because he was too exhausted.

The rescue.

It was given water.

This picture shows us that humanity is still alive!

A group photo with the lucky one.

The puppy was also offered adoption by one of the workers if the owner didn’t show up.

Later on, the puppy’s health was restored and it was taken to Songkhla, in southern Thailand, for further tests.

Newly named Boonrod was given a second life.


Here’s a glance at the video of just when the puppy got lucky and the workers saw him.


Well, this is what happened recently. Looking at what has been done to animals recently, this incident was compulsory to share with you guys.

Did it brighten up your day? Let us know in the comments below!

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