Watch This Cool AF Dog Choosing His Own Treats At Grocery Store & Paying For Them Himself

Everyone loves dogs.

That’s right. If someone tells you they love dogs, that means they do. If someone says they don’t love dogs, do not trust them.

There are so many things to love about them! The way they are so playful, full of life, energetic, friendly. All these qualities are almost found in all dogs. However, the level of intelligence might vary in every breed. According to CANIDAEBorder Collies are one of the most intelligent breeds to exist. It has been reported by CANIDAE that some people even believe that it is “the smartest dog in the world”.

The intelligence that makes them rare and distinct can be reflected in this story of a Border Collie named Hali.

According to Yahoo, in a clip on Reddit, which was also later uploaded on youtube, you can see Hali, the Border Colli who enters a grocery store with his owner and embarks on an incredible journey.

Here, they can be seen entering the Canadian Tire Superstore, from the video clip.

As this amazing Doggo enters the superstore, unlike other dogs who stick to their owner and help by following them around everywhere, he decides to help himself by finding himself some delicious treats— and he’s going to select them on his own!

In the clip, after they’ve entered the store, the next scene straight away directs us to the part where the cute and intelligent little doggo is picking up treats for himself and putting them in the red basket in front of him!

“Yup, put it in the basket! Good boy!” says Hali’s owner encouraging him.

Hali doesn’t only picks out treats but also manages to get his favorite ones, including Blue Dog Bakery Brand Perfect Trainers and jerky treats. Finally, with this Hali makes his way to the cash counter.

Now, this is surely not something you see every day, now do you?

The surprising skills of this amazing doggo aren’t finished yet. After reaching the cash counter, Hali picks up the treats and passes them over the counter to the cashier, while standing back on his two legs!

The training, learned skills and of course a lot of patience is what makes Hali so unique even though he belongs to the most intelligent class of dogs.

This really isn’t something you see every day!

After the payment is made, Hali quickly grabs his bag of treats from the cashier and jumps back onto his front legs and happily walks out the store to head back home.

The wait is finally over now. All the patience and expertise will definitely pay off!

The entire scene was caught by the Canadian Tire Executives who couldn’t resist but watching the show that this incredibly skilful doggo put on! Since the sharing of this video, it has been over 1.2 million times— on their corporate Twitter page

Hali also has his own youtube channel, check it out for more videos of him. Hali The Dog.

For starters, also check out Hali’s video of him helping the chores and also when he’s taking out the trash.


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