Volunteers Help Pup Get Rid Of 35 Pounds Of Fur And Is Barely Recognisable!

Pets bring us great sense of comfort and they have proved to be great partners.

Time and time again, we come across stories where pets were of great help to their owners. Their love and devotion is incredible. All they desire in return is that we love them back and take good care of them.

Unfortunately, there are examples of poor treatment by the pet owners. Meet the 7 year old Lazarus who was kept in a barn with years of criminal negligence. For all his life, this Pyrenean mountain dog lived in filth, feces and an overgrown 35-pound coat of fur.


The owner of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue told that the owner of the dog called on a relative for help when he suffered from a mental illness. During his stay when the relative became aware of the dog’s dreadful condition he called upon the rescue authorities.

Soon volunteers came to help poor Lazarus along with two groomers to shed off that horrible overgrown 35 pound fur coat.


“He has some muscles issues to his fur,”

Harrison told InsideEdition.com. “He had no muscle mass and was unable to move around, let alone walk.”

It took hours of grooming to get that cute little pooch out of the years of mess. Initially he was reluctant to approach his saviors but soon he warmed up with their gentle touch.


The canine is on his way to good health.

He is adjusting to his new life as a normal and happy dog– thanks to the efforts of the kind efforts of the volunteers.


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