Trolls Tell Her She Doesn’t Deserve A ‘6-Pack’ Husband, So She Teared Into Them Brilliantly

Trolls always come around, upset that you’re happy.

They prey on your weaknesses, bully you, and try to get a rise out of you, and the best thing you can do is not let them get the satisfaction of seeing you rattled. Instagrammer and popular Podcaster Jenna Kutcher and her husband Drew Kutcher have been married for 11 years, and when some troll came into her private messages saying they couldn’t believe how she got someone as attractive as Drew when she was on the chubbier side.

Now, Jenna has admitted that seeing her fitness trainer husband who spends hours at the gym daily does play on her mind often, especially when she compares herself to him. But instead of letting the troll get what they wanted out of her, she turned it into a message of body positivity, explaining why she’s earned “Mr Six Pack”.

Source: jennakutcher | kickingitwithkutch

This is Jenna Kutcher.

And this is Drew Kutcher.

And they are happily in love with each other.

Have been for the better part of eleven years.

The troll had taken her aback.

But she didn’t flinch.

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