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10+ Documentaries That Have Endings That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

10+ Documentaries That Have Endings That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Films and episodes all based on real-stories with incredible twists that have unexpected endings.

We have compiled for you some of the most exciting documentaries that have shocking and sometimes little disturbing endings that will totally surprise you. From murders to other natural sad tragedies we have it all.

So scroll down below and read the background of these documentaries and pick out the one that you want to watch!

1. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about his Father – 2008

Oscilloscope Laboratories

This movie has a sad and unexpected ending that will make your heart sink. The film is about a man named Andrew Bagby, who gets into a relationship with a much older woman, Shirley Turner. Sometime later Bagby is murdered, and it is revealed that his girlfriend is pregnant with his child and is also involved in the murder investigation. Ultimately, Turner is arrested, and the custody of the child is given to the grandparents. However, after a few years, Turner is released, and the custody of the child is shared between her and the grandparents. Everything seemed to be normal until one day Turner jumped into the ocean with her 13-month-old child. (sorry for the spoiler)

The film throughout is interesting and has a shocking ending.

2. The Confession Tapes – 2017


This show has some of the most incredible twists in it. Especially in the episodes about Rafay and his family’s murder. Initially, you will feel like they aren’t the culprits, but they are even tho they continue to maintain their innocence.

3. Crazy Love – 2007

Magnolia Pictures / Via

This film initially shows an intense relationship between Burt Pugach(Lawyer in New York) and a young girl Linda Riss. But, when Linda discovers that Burt lied about his divorce, she decides to cut all ties with him. That’s exactly where it takes a surprising turn and Burt hires some people to throw acid on her face(which blinds her). However, despite everything she still marries him.

4. 30 for 30: Fantastic Lies – 2016


This is a sports documentary in which lacrosse players are accused of sexual misconduct. This documentary will make you believe that the accusations are real and that these guys are probably the worst people alive. But the reality is much, much different than what you think!

5. Capturing The Friedmans – 2003


It all starts when the investigators find child pornography collection from Friedman’s house. After discovering that he gives children computer classes, he became a police suspect. This was followed by series of investigations and trials which all ultimately resulted in Friedman killing himself.

6. Icarus – 2017

Netflix, Netflix

This documentary is about Bryan Fogel who teams up with Dr. Rodchenkov(Russian scientist) and attempts to prove that there are performance-enhancing drugs that can go undetected during drug-test before matches. However, the series of events that follow are very unexpected.

(This one is definitely recommended)

7. The Imposter – 2012

Picturehouse Entertainment

An incredible documentary about a kid named Bourdin, who managed to fool many people including various officials worldwide using only his impersonation skills. The way he impersonated and somewhat also “lived” somebody else’s life will leave you dumbfounded.

8. The Push – 2018


A man is put into a dilemma of whether he should commit murder or not. A very intense documentary indeed.

9. The Keepers – 2017


The unsolved murder case of sister Cathy is an incredible series of ALL unexpected twists and turns that won’t let you take your eyes off the screen. (Recommended)

10. Death On A Factor Farm – 2009


Entirely based on animal cruelty, this documentary is shocking and very disturbing as pigs are slaughtered on an animal farm. They are even hanged by forklifts.

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