10 Of The Scariest Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

It all starts with boredom. You’re bored, browsing Netflix, looking for something to pass your time with. And what better to kill your time with other than watching scary stuff? So, you search up a serial killer documentary, and four hours later you find yourself 17 documentaries dark and obsessing over psychopaths and serial killers.

There’s nothing more terrifying than our imagination. There’s complete darkness in front of you. There’s nothing in it. But your mind conjures up the most horrifying monsters when you look in the same darkness. The mind is a scary thing. And what’s more fascinating than looking in a serial killer’s mind? Looking at all the things that made him mercilessly kill, just because he wanted to.

So, we’ve compiled 12 of the scariest documentaries trending on Netflix to kill your time with. They might creep you out, but its worth it!


#1 “Killer Legends.”

Source: Gravitas Ventures

Who doesn’t love urban legends? This documentary is particularly about four urban legends that might have been encouraged by real-life crimes.


#2 “Hostage To The Devil.”

Source: Causeway Pictures

You might not believe in religion and demons, but this documentary might change your mind. It’s a chilling real life story about priest Father Malachi Martin performing exorcisms.


#3 “The Imposter”

Source: Picturehouse Entertainment

The Imposter is a disconcerting story about a boy who went missing. He mysteriously returns after some time and starts acting a bit unusual. Check out the documentary for more.


#4 “Trapped”

Source: Abramorama

This documentary tackles actual life situations in America. It’s about the consequences women have to face because of pro-life policies. It focuses on abortion centres trying to provide safe procedures to exposed women.


#5 “H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer”

Source: Facets Multimedia Distribution

We all know the famous murder house by America’s first ever serial killer H.H. Holmes in the 1880’s. It’s quite creepy and fascinating at the same time. Acid vats, gas rooms, torture cells. You need to check this one out.

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