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Doctor Who Now Has A Female Lead, And People Are Ecstatic About It

Doctor Who Now Has A Female Lead, And People Are Ecstatic About It

Woman Can Finally Be Doctors!

I understand that some people are rightfully angry about the casting choice. However, I think it was time to shake things up a bit. I have always seen the main lead as a male in Doctor Who but that is about to change. Many people don’t agree with it, but it has already happened.

I get that for some it will be hard for some people to part from tradition. However, there have been many positive reactions on twitter. Also, Jodie Whittaker will be kick-ass in the role.

#1 What Has This World Come To?

#2 A Female Doctor Is Not A Nurse!

#3 Of Course It Would, It Has Always Been Such A Realistic Show.

#4 Because I Am An Adult Human.

#5 Okay, Go It. Have A Good Life.

#6 ‘Who Run The World?’

#7 This Will Be Written In The History Books.

#8 Some People Have The Time All Mixed Up.

#9 That Would Be A Very Interesting Battle.

#10 These Comments Made Me This Way.

#11 That Is The Real Problem Here!

#12 I Mean, We Have To Brush Up On Our Facts Right?

#13 “Yes, Just Like That. A Bit To The Right. Perfect!”

#14 I Can Clearly See That.

#15 I Think They Will Allow It.

#16 Dogs Are Always Superior.

#17 I Did Not Want That To Happen.

#18 Take A Look At Point Four.

#19 Men Rights!

#20 ‘Doctor Who Can’t Be A Woman!’

#21 Television Is Ruined For Me!

#22 Womanly Hands Are The Epitome Of Gross.

#23 I Just Can’t Choose!

#24 Just Some Casual Sexism.

#25 ‘But, Doctor Who Should Be A Man! I Don’t Know Why But He Should’

#26 Favorite Website.

What do you think of the casting choice? Do you think a woman will ruin the show, like many others? Or are you pretty content with seeing a female lead? Comment on below and tell us your unfiltered thoughts.

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