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10+ Things A Doctor Wants You To Know About UTIs

10+ Things A Doctor Wants You To Know About UTIs

Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, are very common infections that affect the bladder, kidneys and the tubes that connect the kidneys, known as the ureters. And usually, when they are mentioned, people’s eyes go a little wide because yes, they usually happen because of well… sex.

But that doesn’t mean you should be frightened of them; they are quite common. Symptoms usually include pain when you pee, needing to pee more, cloudy pee or nausea (a lot to do with pee basically). And unfortunately, for some people, they get them more frequently than others.

Now because these things are to do with your downstairs parts and to do with sex, there are a lot of false rumours spread about them. But never fear, here we have a guide on what and what not to do as we crush several myths about UTIs. Just please remember, if you have real concerns, see a doctor and relax! It’s not the end of the world!

#1 Everybody can get a UTI


Yes, no one is safe, so you’re not dirty or weird for having one. Those of us who own vaginas are more likely to have one simply because the urinary tract is shorter and closer to the anus, but it is still open to all.

#2 Drink a lot of water

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Having a lot of fluid will lessen the pain of peeing (and it is important to be hydrated), but if your symptoms do not resolve themselves, you must see a doctor, else the infections could spread to your kidneys.

#3 But don’t go mad with other drinks


Some things in other drinks like caffeine, white wine, champagne and prosecco and artificial sweeteners in other drinks can actually make your symptoms worse as they irritate the bladder. No chance of going on another night out then…

#4 Cranberry juice is not going to cure you

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Cranberries have shown to be helpful but the cranberry juice sold in shops is very diluted, so it doesn’t have the right amount in it to do anything. It is also full of the artificial sweeteners we just mentioned. Cranberry pills and extract will be more effective, but they are not cures.

#5 Diet has no impact on your chances of getting a UTI


Yes, your diet does not affect your UTI, but some medical conditions like diabetes, kidney stones and an impaired immune system do.

#6 Avoid the tight underwear


If you frequently get UTIs, you should avoid wearing anything tight down below including throngs, G-strings and tight trousers as this can irritate and cause more bacteria. Wear cotton, breathable pants instead- your private parts will thank you for it.

#7 Surprise, surprise, anal is more likely to give you a UTI


Be clean and be careful because it is going in the anus where there are naturally more bacteria.

#8 A woman is unlikely to get an infection from her partner

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After penetrative sex, a UTI is usually caused by bacteria from your bowels being massaged up towards the vagina during sex. Nothing to do with the man whose dick was there.

#9 This is why you need to pee afterwards

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Weeing gets rid of any bacteria and anything that made its way from the anus to the vagina. It might be tempting to just flop out after sex, but this is a necessary step.

#10 However, a partner could be increasing your chances of getting them


If you are worried that this is the case, test it by having sex with a condom. If you are already, they are probably fine though you could ask them to keep their hands clean and their nails short, just to be safe and minimise the chances of bacteria spreading.

#11 Condoms that contain the spermicide called nonoxynol-9 can increase infection.

But don’t use this as an excuse not to wear them- you can find many without nonoxynol-9 as an ingredient.

#12 Diaphragms can also increase the chances of infection.

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Almost all of them contain nonoxynol-9, as do many cervical caps and contraceptive sponges. If you are worried about this, discuss methods of contraception with your doctor.

#13 Another thing that might cause infection? Dirty sex toys


Just keep it all clean, you kinky beasts.

#14 There is no link between UTIs and sperm allergy


We are also sorry if you have that allergy

#15 They aren’t caused by rough sex

However, any cuts caused during sex must be cleaned properly to ensure that bacteria doesn’t spread. To avoid painful abrasions and friction during sex, use plenty of lube and plenty of foreplay (wink wink).

#16 Waterfall d-mannose won’t help an existing infection


They are known to help women who have frequent UTIs, but they won’t cure one that has already been established.

#17 No herbal remedies will cure a UTI.

Sorry, but it is true. You can get powder sachets from a pharmacy to change the pH of your urine or take painkillers to manage your symptoms, but if they carry on, you need to see a doctor.

#18 And finally, taking an antibiotic before or after sex will help

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These can be given to you by a physician.

Right, now all that is out of the way, go have some fun!

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