Divorced Dad’s Heartwarming Post About Why He Still Buys Ex-Wife Gifts Is Going Viral

In the western culture, marriage and divorce are both common experiences. But, when you’re getting married, going through a divorce in due course of time is the last thing on your mind. When two people decide to get married, they take a vow to be with each other through thick and thin! While divorce is not the easiest option to choose. Especially when children are involved. However, getting a divorce is a better option as opposed to staying together for some couples.

Nonetheless, the process of divorce eventually leads to harboring hate and disgust for our ex-husband/ex-wife. It’s a blame game out there. And often times we can’t help but blame our significant others. That’s why many children from broken families grow up in chaotic and toxic environments, setting a poor example for their future relationships. But, one dad is all about making a difference. Ensuring that his own children see the better side of love even though their parents are no longer together.

Billy Flynn and his wife got divorced after having two sons. While many ex-husbands would live their ex-wives birthday as though it never truly mattered, he recently shared a Facebook post on what he decided to do on that special day. And it was something truly different yet beautiful.

It’s my ex-wife’s birthday today so I got up early and brought flowers and cards and a gift over for the kids to give her and helped them make her breakfast. Per usual someone asked me why the hell I still do things for her all the time. This annoys me. So ima break it down for you all.

I’m raising two little men. The example I set for how I treat their mom is going to significantly shape how they see and treat women and affect their perception of relationships. I think even more so in my case because we are divorced. So if you aren’t modeling good relationship behavior for your kids, get your shit together. Rise above it and be an example. This is bigger than you.

Raise good men. Raise strong women. Please. The world needs them, now more than ever.

“It’s my ex-wife’s birthday today so I got up early and brought flowers and cards and a gift over for the kids to give…

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, February 12, 2017

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Sharing how moved they are to raise his son in a caring environment.



And honestly, it’s incredibly touching.




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