This May Be The Most Disturbing ‘Trump’ Tweet Ever And We Are All Furious & Ashamed For Selecting Him

Who calls their daughter ‘hot’?

I am sure everyone knows that back in 2013 he called his daughter ‘hot’ on TV.  Since then, he has called her many things including “voluptuous” and a “piece of ass”  with the “best body”.

I am not sure why anyone voted for him after he said so many disgusting things. Apparently, many people are okay with a father looking at his own daughters in this light. That is not all. He also has a history of dating young women.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with that. He also has had many allegations of sexual assault on him. Then there is the following tweet. Does he ever think before saying or doing anything? Apparently, not as evident by his following tweet.

That’s talent alright.

How long will he stand to be the most powerful man of them all? Did you vote for him? If so, what was the reason behind your decision?

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