10 Of The Most Disturbing Illustrations About Brutal Truths Of Mankind.

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 11, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Mankind has ways to go in many many things.

Ask a child what they wish to be in the future, and they’ll give you brilliant answers like Firefighter, or Doctor, or President. Ask a teenager and they’ll give you different not completely unreasonable answers, if somewhat silly. Ask an adult, and you can see that the spark from their youth has completely disappeared.

That’s what growing up does. And it’s not to do with age, it’s to do with experience. Humanity has let itself down, and an artist, Luis Quiles sees this as well.

He draws extremely controversial pieces, unafraid of touching any topic, and ruffles a lot of feathers. You can even check out some of his work below.

Source: Luis Quiles Instagram

#1 Bought tongue.

#2 Consent isn’t consensual.

#3 Women can control men with their sexuality.

#4 We take drugs instead of solving our problems.

#5 You’re forced to be happy.

#6 War is indiscriminate of religion or colour.

#7 Puppetry.

#8 Feeding them religion.

#9 Social media lust.

#10 Physique is just a table to decorate trophies and adverts.

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