Disneyland Paris Is Holding Auditions For Villains

Attention all evil-doers

Disney | Deviantart

If it’s been a dream of yours to make children cry and flee in terror, you’ve come to the right place. Disneyland Paris is holding an open audition to have villains walking around. They’re offering 10 contracts from August to November 2017. The auditions will be held in Dublin, Ireland.

The villains up for grabs are 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella de Vil, Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, Beauty and the Beast’s Gaston, and The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. Facilier.

However, since it’ll be in Paris, it’s recommended that you know how to speak English or French. Up your chances by speaking both. Your travel expenses will not be covered, but come on, who will pass up a chance to be as swift as Gaston?

They have certain requirements, however. To play a character, you need to be a certain height.

For Cruella de Vil: Be between 5’7” and 5’9”. Or 170-175cm


For Maleficent: height between 5’9” and 6’1”. Or 175-185cm


For Gaston: height between 6’0” and 6’3”. Or 183-191cm


For Dr. Facilier: height between 5’11” and 6’5”. Or 180-196cm


You can read their original press release here!

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