Disney Is Hiring Work From Home Customer Service In Selected States, Here’s How And Where To Apply

If you ever wanted to work for Disney but didn’t get the chance, today’s your lucky day.

They’re hiring guest service representatives from  Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Florida or North Carolina. And if you live in any of these fortunate states, then apply immediately. What’s even better than working for The Disney Store is the fact that you’ll be able to work at home.

You’ll be referred to as a “Cast Member”

And your responsibilities include calling and helping customers whenever they require it, responding to emails, contacting them whenever they need to be contacted, and if an issue arises that is beyond your ability, direct them to the proper supervisor.

Disney is one of the best employers in the world

In LinkedIn’s list of best 50 employers in the world, Disney snagged number 9. And it’s number 1 in the most admired companies’ list.

If you’re eager to work there, you need to have excellent communication skills and very high speed internet. You also need to be detail orientated, customer focused, be good at using a computer to shortcut shopping and work well in a team.

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A college degree is not a necessity

But you do need a high school degree or equivalent. You’ll be preferred if you’re bilingual, capable of speaking both English and Spanish. And the shifts vary, so you might end up working weekends and holidays.

Why work for Disney?

Well, because it’s Disney! They have amazing perks, and they’ve been a part of your childhood! All those fairy tales you grew up with, all those stories, you can be a part of that. If that’s not enough for you, what about the fact that they have amazing employee benefits and perks?

The other companies that offer these positions are Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Verizon, Salesforce, Uber and Airbnb, and they’re not hiring.

Working from home is a lot better than working in an office

Even if you don’t live in the areas mentioned, there is a definite reason as to why you should work from home more often. Namely, you’ll be happier. You won’t have to deal with travel, you won’t have to deal with your appearance, you won’t have to deal with /looking/ like you’re working, and it’ll be more goal orientated than time orientated.

Essentially, your boss can let you work from home, you will work less hours, and do more, but you’ll be paid the same.

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Jim Harter, chief scientist for workplace management at Gallup had an interview with the Washington Post 

He said that the companies are doing an excellent job spreading around their resources and getting more out of it. After all, people who work from home have jumped from 39% to 43% in three years.

“I think organizations are more intentional about putting resources around it,” and that employees are happier when a, “significant amount of time where they get absorbed in their work and time passes quickly. And when you work remotely, you certainly have more of a chance to get absorbed in your work,”

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You can apply here.

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