Do You Have Any Of These Old Disney VHS Tapes? You Could Be Sitting On A Lot Of Money!

Remember those old Disney VHS tapes?

Climbing into bed, and putting in that cassette. The slightly fuzzy rectangular noise that just added some charm to the whole event. I remember having the Lion King VHS tape and playing it over and over. When the movie would finish, I’d take it out, stick a pencil into it, and keep twisting until the movie started again.

While I was careful with my Disney, I ruined a lot of my father’s music tapes.

Anyway, those important pieces of your childhood aren’t precious just because of the memories attached. They’re also precious because collectors will pay upwards of thousands of dollars to get a rare tape.

Collectors pay an ungodly amount for a rare copy. Just recently, a rare copy of Beauty and the Beast was sold on eBay for $9,000!

What makes them so valuable is the fact that they’re limited. Or discontinued. It happens because of a variety of reasons, such as defective or straight up weird artwork. Like this Little Mermaid tape. Apparently, the spires in the back are “inappropriate.” I think they meant that there was a middle finger in there somewhere, but I am honestly having trouble finding it.

And trust me, I looked.

This little beauty went out for $6000!

Check your VHS tapes for a black diamond that says “The Classics”. It could go up for $250! And if it has Walt Disney’s signature beside it, you could make thousands!

An older “Beauty And The Beast” tape has the song “Human Again”.

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these tapes, you might be sitting on a gold mine. Disney discontinued it, so collectors are keen to find them. It’s in high demand, and you could make a serious buck.

Hurry! Find out if you’re one of the lucky ones, and share around to see if your friends do too. You could finally get whatever you had your eye on.

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