5 Times Disney Used The Same Illustrations In Different Cartoons And Cheated Us All

Who has the time to make original illustrations every time?

Apparently not Disney! While it is probably not wrong to take inspiration from an old movie, It can, however, result in similar stories and art direction. That is not necessarily a bad thing though.

Some people might call the following instances plagiarism even though a company can’t plagiarize itself. While some may call it clever thinking. Whatever your thoughts, one thing is for sure. Disney was definitely not original in these illustrations.

#1 Robin Hood and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Via Disney

Snow White is a classic and, no wonder, since 570 artists were used to make it happen. They drew 1 million images over the course of 3 years. So it is no wonder that Disney didn’t want all that hard work to go to waste.

That is why 36 years later many of the art, scenes, and animations were used with little changes in Robin Hood.

#2 Robin Hood and The Jungle Book.

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Why is Robin Hood again on this list, you may ask? Well, it turns out Robin Hood is the lowest budget Disney movie, and that is apparent in many of its scenes.

So not only did it take ‘inspiration’ for Snow White it also re-used some of the art and animation from The Jungle Book which came six years earlier.

#3 The Jungle Book and The Sword in the Stone.

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You might remember the scene where two wold cubs were playfully attacking Mowgli. It turns out it is a re-hash from The sword in the stone where Arthur Pendragon was playfully attacked by two dogs.

#4 Winnie the Pooh and The Jungle Book.

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As it turns out even Winnie the Pooh took some ‘inspiration’ from The Jungle Book. This may be quite apparent in the above scene where Chris throws a stone in the abyss. They are even holding the same thing in their left hand.

#5 Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.

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Did you know that the most iconic scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle dances with her beloved prince was a re-hash of Sleeping Beauty? Although to Disney’s credit. They improved the animations quite a bit.


You wouldn’t even know that these had been copied if we didn’t just tell you. So are they being clever or just lazy?

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