If Disney Princesses Were Mermaids

Every little girl has dreamed of becoming a mermaid

It might have something to do with growing up with Ariel or just always seeing them as these fantastically beautiful and magical creatures. At any rate, everyone loves mermaids.

We also grew up watching Disney movies. Looking up to Disney princesses.

So when TheNamelessDoll created gifsnot imagesgifs, of course they blew up the internet. It’s all your favourite princesses with those magical mermaid tails

#1 Pochahontas

#2 Tiana

#3 Mulan

#4 Aurora

#5 Belle

#6 Megara

#7 Jasmine

#8 Cinderella

#9 Jane

#10 Giselle

#11 Nani and Lilo

#12 And of course, the original mermaid, Ariel

As you can see, she’s nothing sort of a magician that masquerades as an artist. You can give her support over at her youtube or her Deviantart

Source: thenamelessdoll.tumblr.com


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