An Artist Re-Imagines Disney Princesses With Realistic Waistlines

“We spend 6 years of our life playing with Barbie, And rest of our life, trying to be one.”

Everyone who is anyone, is trying to lose weight since we first stepped foot on this world. Many people do it to be healthy but for many of us, it’s just ingrained in our mind. Many of us grew up with Disney and you might not have noticed the Princesses impossibly thin waistlines.

Our little minds were too simple to properly understand what that meant. If you just take one look at Barbie, you’ll understand what kind of conditioning every girl goes through since she is barely able to speak. Even our parents dismiss it by saying, “It’s just a cartoon”. But they were not just fiction for us when we were little.

These toys were our role models. And many of us grew up, and still wanted to have that thin waist. It was too late, when we understood that it was impossible. It had already been ingrained in our minds.

Thats what Emmy Award-winning illustrator Loryn Brantz went through. She decided that Disney was promoting, unhealthy body image. So, she went on to draw the Disney Princesses with a healthy waistline.

I don’t know about you, but some of them looked unreal to me at first. Probably because, I was so used to seeing them with thin waists. But, as much as i kept on looking, I couldn’t understand why Disney ever made the artistic choice of making them so thin?

Loryn Brantz spoke about the matter. “As children we may not realize these images in the media affect us, but they definitely do, Media outlets with the opportunity to change the way women are viewed and view themselves should start taking responsibility. It only took a couple nudges of a line to make those princesses’ waists less extreme, and they still looked beautiful and magical.”

Below are some of the Princesses Loryn Brantz worked on and they look great.

#1 Ariel

Via Disney & lorynbrantz


#2 Pocahontas

Via Disney & lorynbrantz


#3 Elsa

Via Disney & lorynbrantz


#4 Belle

Via Disney & lorynbrantz


#5 Jasmine

Via Disney & lorynbrantz


#6 Aurora

Via Disney & lorynbrantz


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