What If Disney Princesses Were Lightsaber-Wielding Jedi?

Ever since Disney purchased Star Wars, crossovers between classic Disney movies and the huge sci-fi series have been unavoidable. We’ve seen art, animations and Sith villains and we thought we’d seen it all. However, a group of talented cosplayers have proved us wrong as they have created the Jedi Princess Squad – and they look awesome.

The same people who brought us the Slave Leia Disney Princess Squad have now transformed some beloved Disney Princesses into epic Jedi fighters, and the results are worthy of their own movie. They even created custom weapons like Ariel’s trident lightsabre and Belle’s Lumiere one. Take a look through these pictures and prepare to have your mind blown. Say what you want, the Force is clearly with this squad- how else would they look so good?

#1 Mulan

Instagram @riansynnth

#2 Belle

Instagram @elizabethrage

#3 Aurora

Instagram @hanakima

#4 Ariel

Instagram @maidofmight

#5 Peter Pan

Instagram @bboyspiderman

#6 Rapunzel


Instagram @reagankathryn

#7 Snow White

Instagram @amberarden

And here’s the whole gang!

Instagram @milynnsarley

Photos by lsharma


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